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Thieves try to steal 4000kg of oranges

Thieves try to steal 4000kg of oranges

Thieves try to steal 4000kg of oranges

Police later found another compact vehicle that had been with the caravan.

CNN reports authorities became suspicious after spotting two cars driving close to one another, before an attempt was made to pull them over, seeing them change direction abruptly.

Europa press reported that the drivers claimed they were "coming from very far away and had been stopping and collecting oranges along the way".

The patrol pursued the three vehicles on a short chase and was eventually able to stop two of them: a compact auto and a van. A short chase through a dirt road followed, the news agency reported. But police think they were going to sell them on the black market since the price of oranges is so high.

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Five people have been arrested for stealing 4.4tonnes of oranges, which they squeezed into two cars.

It was later discovered the oranges were stolen from a ship located in Carmona.

One said that they have picked it up on the ground along the way of their long journey, for their own consumption.

Police revealed that suspects didn't have the required paperwork to be carrying such a large quantity of fruit, and they were charged with theft.

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