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Brexit transition talks take place in Brussels

Brexit transition talks take place in Brussels

Brexit transition talks take place in Brussels

When asked if May was in a "good position" regarding the ongoing Brexit talks, Trump replied: "Would it be the way I negotiate?"

The most thorny question is the future relationship with Ireland, a matter which is on a special negotiating track and is unlikely to be resolved soon. Here are the key hurdles that could upset the next two stages in negotiations.

EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier will brief ministers on the state of the talks with the UK.

Trump also said in the interview that he had anticipated the Brexit referendum result because of many Britons' concerns over immigration - also a key plank of his US election campaign.

An FDF spokesman said: "We welcome the clarity from government on its ambition for the transition period. It's very, very important".

In other remarks aired Sunday, Trump appeared to slight British Prime Minister Theresa May's handling of fraught Brexit negotiations, declaring that he would have "negotiated it differently".

The EU says any new deals will not be able to take effect until after the end of the transition period, which has been proposed for December 31, 2020.

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European Union countries are keen to avoid adding Brexit fallout to the traditionally toxic budget negotiations.

The report also called on the government to review the possibility of creating a special transition period arrangement for the country's participation the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom), separate from the wider Brexit process. "Council will continue to follow all aspects of the negotiations closely and to keep these negotiating directives under review in the light of progress in the negotiations and update them as necessary", the council has agreed.

"This is why, during the implementation period, we are clear that the UK's and the EU's access to one another's markets should continue on current terms, meaning there will only be one set of changes at the end of the implementation period, as we move into our future partnership". This, too, will not sit well with Brexit supporters, who want to escape the grip they say Europe's top court has on British sovereignty. The UK sees this move as an extension of the already agreed date for an end to the free movement, and the start of the new registration for European Union citizens in the UK. It however left room for "appropriate adaptation".

As the United Kingdom will continue to participate in the customs union and the single market (with all four freedoms) during the transition, it will have to continue to comply with EU trade policy, to apply EU customs tariff and collect EU customs duties and to ensure all EU checks are being performed on the border.

The key Commons amendment last month was that parliament would now get a final vote on the Brexit deal after an agreement with the European Union on the cost of the divorce and future trading relationship.

The UK, as already a third country, will no longer participate in the institutions and the decision-making of the EU. London would have to decide whether to ask the European Union to help in rolling over those existing agreements.

He will say that Britain will be able to negotiate and even sign deals during the transition period, although they will not come into force until afterwards.

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