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Volunteers Brave Cold to Count Kentucky's Homeless

Volunteers Brave Cold to Count Kentucky's Homeless

Volunteers Brave Cold to Count Kentucky's Homeless

Or maybe that is you, and you don't have the answers to these questions.

Homelessness has many faces arising from myriad circumstances, with children and adults of all ages living in vehicles, under bridges, in abandoned buildings and emergency shelters, those who work with the homeless said.

The survey takes note, confidentially, of different people who are homeless in areas around the state and provides a tally to help better understand the population.

Last month, she chose to return to her native Gary, but without a stable home or job - she soon found herself at the Sojourner Truth House.

Teams of volunteers working with the organization fanned out throughout Jacksonville including the Urban Core, the Beaches, and Clay and Nassau counties to count homeless adults and youth, said Michele Querry, director of community engagement and development for Changing Homelessness.

"Many factors contribute to homelessness".

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"That brings about $9.5 million into the community and one of the requirements for applying for that money is that you have this understanding of how many people are out there homeless overnight", Coalition for the Homeless executive director Natalie Harris said. "I think a lot of people will fall through the cracks, they'll start losing hope, and they wont know where to go for resources".

Every day is a battle.

Such housing developments reduce homelessness, she said. Volunteers from several local non-profit agencies are joining forces to conduct the count in Clearfield County.

Monarch Housing Associates is coordinating the NJ Counts survey for the fifth year. As Secretary of the Kentucky Interagency Council on Homelessness, and a member of the Kentucky Balance of State CoC Advisory Board, she is acutely aware of the issue as it exists in our regions.

The annual Homeless Street Count is an effort hosted by Coalition for the Homeless, Centerstone and other homeless service providers. The count respects confidentiality of those experiencing homelessness and does not obligate anyone for unwanted services. That is when we tap the local (Chautauqua County Department of Health and Human Services.) If anyone is unsheltered and it is under 32 degrees, we contact law enforcement to get the individuals or families to a hotel or shelter.

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