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Apple is reportedly overhauling iBooks in a bid to go after Amazon

Apple is reportedly overhauling iBooks in a bid to go after Amazon

Apple is reportedly overhauling iBooks in a bid to go after Amazon

Apple is looking to revamp its e-books app with a new design and a better digital bookstore, according to a Bloomberg report.

The updated app will feature a simpler interface and a new tab specifically for audio books and is set to be released in the coming months, Bloomberg reported, citing sources familiar with the development. The new iBooks app reportedly also has a Reading Now tab, presumably to give the user quick access to the titles at the top of their reading list, and a dedicated audiobook section. It would also mark a potential comeback for Apple after the US Justice Department sued the company and publishers for working together to raise book prices and fined Apple $450 million. Notably, Apple tweaked the name of its iBooks app to "Books" in the first beta of iOS 11.3, providing a hint that the new app is on the way. In the time since then, Apple has chosen to put its efforts into growing other digital services, such as Apple Music. Clearly Apple doesn't want to miss the chance to capitalize on the e-book and audiobook market, which has become increasingly popular but is also now dominated by Amazon.

Fears over US-Turkey military confrontation in Syria
Differences over Syria policy have already strained Turkey's relations with Washington nearly to a breaking point. The Kurds played a large part in driving out Islamic State from most of northeastern Syria.

A rare treat next week: Blue supermoon, lunar eclipse
According to NASA , "Most Blue Moons look pale gray and white, indistinguishable from any other Moon you've ever seen". It can be best seen along the West Coast, but those in the central US and East Coast will see a partial eclipse.

13 starving children taunted with pie, beaten by parents in California
What started out as neglect became severe and prolonged abuse that eventually involved beatings and strangulations, Hestrin said. When police arrived, some of the children were still shackled to their beds, but the parents had unchained two, Hestrin said.

Apple's services business has been a bright spot for the company for the past few years-services like the App Store, Apple Music, and iCloud have been money makers.

The e-commerce giant had just over 83 percent of the US e-book market in early 2017, up from 74 percent in October 2015, according to AuthorEarnings, which tracks book sales for writers and other industry participants. In December, it hired Kashif Zafar, a senior vice president from Audible, Amazon's audio books business. Before that, Zafar worked for 5 years for Barnes & Noble's Nook e-book unit. An Apple spokesman declined to comment.

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