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Man got huge tapeworm from eating sushi

Man got huge tapeworm from eating sushi

Man got huge tapeworm from eating sushi

A Fresno man is likely altering his sushi-eating habit after discovering a tapeworm that may have entered his body through the raw salmon he consumed on a regular basis.

"I get asked this a lot", said Dr. Kenny Bahn, the doctor on duty at the time who told the story of the incident on the This Won't Hurt A Bit podcast.

Freaked out to find a giant worm, but relieved that his entrails are intact, the quick-thinking man used the nearby TP roll as a spool to wind up the worm as he pulled it out.

Specialist Kenny Banh uncovered the Fresno man's case on a January 8 scene of the Podcast "This Won't Hurt A Bit," a demonstrate that blends medicinal points with chuckles.

When questioned, he insisted he had not been overseas - and revealed that he ate raw salmon every day, reported MailOnline. A tapeworm measuring five-and-a-half feet long. Shocked by the terrifying scene, Bahn says the man kept pulling until the invader was all the way out. When he looked down at his backside he noticed something hanging out that looked like "a piece of intestine", Banh added.

Banh stretched the tapeworm out on the emergency room floor. Bahn asked the man, who replied, "Yes".

Where the tapeworm originated from was the following inquiry, and the man said he hadn't voyage or had any flawed drinking water that he could consider.

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In January, 2017 specialists cautioned of Japanese tapeworm parasites found in the meat of US salmon. The parasites may be found in different types of fish that haven't been flash frozen to kill the worms.

People sometimes ingest tapeworms intentionally as as a medically dubious weight loss technique, but Banh said the patient reported not losing any weight of late.

The most common fish tapeworm, Diphyllobothrium latum and related species (including the Japanese tapeworm), can grow up to 30 feet long, according to the CDC.

"All things considered, a large portion of the general population who are contaminated don't have side effects", Schaffner said.

Tapeworms most often cause only minor symptoms, but can in some cases can turn into a major medical problem.

Once the diagnosis is made, however, the cure is simple - the same pill that people give to infected dogs can be given to humans.

Quizzical at first, Dr Banh quickly agreed to his patient's claims after opening the bag and finding a 1.7-meter-long (5.5-foot-long) adult parasitic flatworm curled around an empty toilet paper roll.

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