TV Host Wendy Williams Savagely Slams Kylie Jenner In Live TV Rant

TV Host Wendy Williams Savagely Slams Kylie Jenner In Live TV Rant

TV Host Wendy Williams Savagely Slams Kylie Jenner In Live TV Rant

First, she said that Kylie's baby will still look like the old her, no matter how many plastic surgeries she gets. Her not being out is strictly personal preference. And as she has worked hard enough to sustain her living, she can now do everything that she wants.

Wendy Williams kicked off her show Wednesday by reminding her studio audience that they were returning from a 3-week break, meaning this was the first chance she had to talk about Khloe Kardashian's pregnancy confirmation.

So last week we admitted that this whole Kylie-Jenner-is-she-or-isn't-she-pregnant-has-she-given-birth-yet-when-is-she-due fiasco was beginning to wear pretty thin.

Wendy also claimed that the recent promos of the KUWTK show indicate that Kylie may make her reveal soon, but she doesn't think that this will happen.

Kim Kardashian is apparently very protective of her family and she won't let anyone hurt them. "It is stressful for Kylie to be in the middle of the fighting when she just wants to worry about delivering a healthy baby".

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Her older half sister Khlo-money has already confirmed that her own pregnancy announcement is going to air on the show, but surely that's not going to take Sunday AND Monday's episodes, right? Figure it out... I'll pay child support from afar'.

Meanwhile, there are also swirling rumors that #Travis Scott had dumped Kylie Jenner over the holiday season. This includes keeping her pregnancy a secret to the public. Now, new pictures are throwing us off even more.

A Kylie Jenner fan account has caused chaos among her fans after sharing a picture of her holding a baby.

Well, not just Dream, but you know what we mean. "Is she pregnant or are we being bamboozled?" "Is travis part of the baby's life?"

However, the baby in the picture is actually her niece, Dream.

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