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AT&T Says No Huawei Despite Huge Anticipation

AT&T Says No Huawei Despite Huge Anticipation

AT&T Says No Huawei Despite Huge Anticipation

Huawei now sells to consumers online, but the lack of carrier deals has made the company basically irrelevant in the U.S. market.

AT&T has never confirmed reports that such a deal was under consideration and it again refused to comment on the matter on January 8 in an email exchange with eWEEK. It is possible that we get to know more about this in the coming weeks, but if you wanted to pick up a smartphone from the company's lineup, you will only be able to find them through online retailers or on its official USA -based store.

There was a huge level of anticipation building up to the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, with people expecting Huawei to announce a partnership with AT&T.

AT&T Says No Huawei Despite Huge Anticipation
AT&T Says No Huawei Despite Huge Anticipation

Instead, Huawei said it would be selling its flagship device, the Mate 10 Pro, directly to consumers.

There's no word of any other United States. carriers partnering with Huawei, so for now the company may have to keep selling its devices unlocked. Huawei has stated that while the Mate 10 Pro won't be offered via a carrier in the USA, it would be offered via open channels.

Huawei was supposed to announce its deal with AT&T during CES 2018 this week, but AT&T apparently canceled its arrangement with the Chinese phone maker. The Dec. 20 letter, reviewed by The Information, cited an intelligence committee report on the Chinese firm's alleged ties to the Communist Party and China's intelligence and security services. Huawei has denied these allegations for years now, but it looks like AT&T was unwilling to take the risk. The latter's mobile devices will not sell through a US telco anytime soon, but Android fans need not fret.

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