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Small Fire Breaks Out at Trump Tower in NYC

Small Fire Breaks Out at Trump Tower in NYC

Small Fire Breaks Out at Trump Tower in NYC

Firefighters were responding to a fire at Trump Tower in midtown Monday morning, the FDNY said. The department says it was called around 7 a.m. Monday for a report of a fire on the top floor.

Smoke billowed from one corner of the high-rise for a while before most of it dissipated. Even in India, a massive fire had broken out at two restaurants in Kamal Mills area of Mumbai in which 14 people including 11 women were injured. He's refused medical treatment. Flames coming from the vents.

It took about an hour to put out the fire. "No smoke condition or fire was on the inside", Manhattan Borough Commander Assistant Chief Roger Sakowich said on Twitter.

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Fire officials say a civilian was treated for serious injuries and a firefighter was treated for minor injuries.

First Lady Melania Trump and son Barron lived in the residence for the first few months of Trump's presidency, before moving to the White House.

By 8:16 a.m. the FDNY said the blaze was inside an HVAC system and was "under control".

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