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BBC editor quits over gender pay row

BBC editor quits over gender pay row

BBC editor quits over gender pay row

Gracie, who has been with the BBC for 30 years and described leading its China coverage since 2004 as "the greatest privilege of my career", stated her concerns in a letter addressed to the BBC Audience.

She said she would return to her former post in the TV newsroom "where I expect to be paid equally".

After 30-year veteran Gracie revealed in an open letter on her website that she did not trust BBC management to deal with gender inequality, after a proposed pay increase left her still well behind the company's male global editors, she received support on social media from many of her colleagues, including Today presenter Mishal Husain and Newsnight host Evan Davis, with many using the hashtag #istandwithcarrie.

Gracie has got huge support for her decision since then.

It is believed that up to 200 women at the BBC have made a formal complaint about pay.

Other well-known female broadcasters also used the #IStandWithCarrie hashtag to express their approval of the letter and the ex-China editor's departure.

"And the other thing I'd like to say is that what is lovely for me is that people are mentioning my China work, because I would not wish to be remembered forever as the woman who complained about money".

In her letter Gracie said she had learned last year that of the four global editors in the past four years at the BBC, two males had earned more than their female counterparts. She said she was not seeking more money for herself, but only demanding that the BBC observe British law requiring equal pay for equal work.

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Despite the corporation's offer of a £45,000 pay increase, she said: "I didn't feel it was a solution, I felt it was a divide and rule-botched solution that would not make the BBC better". A BBC spokeswoman said "fairness in pay" at the corporation "is vital". "I simply want the BBC to abide by the law and value men and women equally".

They added: "A significant number of organisations have now published their gender pay figures showing that we are performing considerably better than many and are well below the national average".

"To avoid wasting your license fee on an unwinnable court fight against female staff", she added, "the BBC should immediately agree to independent arbitration to settle individual cases".

A spokesperson for the public body said: "We are aware of claims by Carrie Gracie of unlawful pay discrimination at the BBC".

In July last year, the BBC was forced to reveal the salaries of all employees earning more than £150,000 a year.

Gracie's move received voluble praise online from her colleagues, with veteran BBC journalist Lyse Doucet tweeting, "Brilliant Brave".

"For BBC women this is not just a matter of one year's salary or two".

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