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President Trump: "Mexico Will Pay for the Wall"

President Trump:

President Trump: "Mexico Will Pay for the Wall"

In return for the cash, the Trump administration will be expected to discuss a way forward for the so-called dreamers - illegal immigrants who were brought to the USA by their parents and know no other country.

"I believe Mexico will pay for the wall", Trump said during a brief news conference at Camp David, where he was meeting congressional Republican leaders to plan for 2018 midterms.

Trump said previous year that he was ending DACA but gave Congress until March to deliver a legislative fix.

Trump is basically saying that he will not fix granting "amnesty" to DACA recipients unless he gets the funding required for the wall and related expenditure. Trump has previously said there will be no DACA without funding for the border wall he promised during his campaign as well as changes to tighten the immigration system. The Administration seeks that the Capitol approves 33 billion dollars to increase security measures in the mentioned area and another 15 billion in order to acquire new technologies, build roads and hire personnel.

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The Trump administration is preparing to ask Congress for $18 billion to build President Donald Trump's envisioned "big, lovely wall" along the U.S. -Mexico border. We'll see how that goes. "In some form, Mexico will pay for the wall".

Mexico has repeatedly stated that it will not pay to build the wall.

The No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, Illinois' Dick Durbin, who has been leading negotiations on DACA, criticized the administration's budget request for wall and border security spending. Congress must pass a federal budget by 19 January to avert a partial government shutdown, and the vote will require Democratic support.

'This is not going to get us the whole wall we need, but it's a start, ' she said. "Bipartisan negotiations continue in good faith among senators who understand what is at stake, and I will continue my efforts to reach a bipartisan agreement".

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