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Trump's Kwanzaa Statement Leaves Out Obama-Era Praise For African-American Values

Trump's Kwanzaa Statement Leaves Out Obama-Era Praise For African-American Values

Trump's Kwanzaa Statement Leaves Out Obama-Era Praise For African-American Values

Kwanzaa is a seven-day long festival that was created to unite African-Americans and reflect their distinct culture.

Obama used similar language spotlighting African-American values in his other presidential statements about Kwanzaa-and his comments caught Trump's wrath years ago.

Instead, as one of the newer holidays, the celebration was formed to instil racial pride and unity within the black community.

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President Donald Trump released a statement Tuesday celebrating the African American holiday of Kwanzaa.

In New Haven, the Black and Hispanic Caucus of the city's Board of Alders invites the public to attend and participate in the Annual Kwanzaa Celebration on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.in the City Hall Atrium, 165 Church St.

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Needless to say, the divide between how Trump viewed Kwanzaa back in 2011 ― using it to leverage false attacks against Obama, and tacitly endorsing the idea that it was a "fake holiday" ― and how he's acknowledging it now has stirred up some criticism.

Kwanzaa runs through January 1. Kwanzaa celebrations usually feature songs, dances, storytelling, poetry reading, and a large meal.

Pronounced "kwahn-zuh", the term - which you can spell Kwanzaa or Kwanza - comes from the Swahili phrase "matunda ya kwanza", which means "first fruits".

The colors of the candles are black, red, and green.

Earlier in the day, it seemed possible that Trump would be the first president in decades to fail to make note of the Kwanzaa holiday, but that situation, at least, was averted.

As such, African American communities of all religious faiths come together to celebrate their shared culture and heritage.

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