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Are games making you sick? World Health Organization to recognize "gaming disorder"

Are games making you sick? World Health Organization to recognize

Are games making you sick? World Health Organization to recognize "gaming disorder"

The draft includes a new International Classification of Diseases under the ICD-11 category that will feature video game addiction as one of the newly added disorders. But playing lots of video games doesn't necessarily mean a person has the disorder-the behavior has to significantly impair personal, family, social, educational, occupational or other aspects of your life.

No decision has as yet been made as to whether gaming disorder will indeed be included as part of the 2018 ICD.

The WHO has not listed other conditions linked to technology, such as so-called smartphone or internet addiction, due to a lack of evidence they are "real disorders".

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If you think you're playing video games too much, you just might be.

This does not, of course, implicate everyone who plays games. Further, in order for a diagnosis to be assigned, the behaviour of addiction to games should be evident over a period of at least 12 months. "Important research has already been conducted for decades on the negative effects of gaming, including addiction, depression and aggression, and we are certainly not suggesting that this should be ignored", said lead author Isabela Granic, developmental psychopathology professor at the Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands, in a 2013 statement when the review was released.

Parents should keep a closer eye on their children glued to the gaming consoles. However, the new "gaming disorder" can be applied to both online and offline gaming. World Health Organization additionally takes note of that the individuals who prioritize computer games over "other life interests and daily exercises" and keep on escalating the sum that they play "despite the occurrence of negative consequences" are likewise demonstrating side effects of the recently classified disorder.

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