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Evan Longoria, the Rays' Stalwart, Is Traded to the Giants

Evan Longoria, the Rays' Stalwart, Is Traded to the Giants

Evan Longoria, the Rays' Stalwart, Is Traded to the Giants

The Giants also are sending right-hander Stephen Woods and left-hander Matt Krook to the Rays.

Tampa Bay in effect is responsible for $14.5 million of the $88 million Longoria is owed, and the Rays took on $13 million in guaranteed money due Span.

The 32-year-old third baseman leads the club all-time with 1,435 games played, 261 home runs, 892 runs batted in, 338 doubles, 618 extra-base hits, 780 runs scored, 569 walks and 2,630 total bases.

In 2017, Longoria won his third career Gold Glove award with the Rays.

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After trading Eduardo Nunez at the trade deadline a year ago, the Giants had tried minor leaguers like Ryder Jones and even former Giant, Pablo Sandoval. He was extremely lucky last season at Triple-A (.427 BABIP) and extremely unlucky in the majors (.231 BABIP), but has the potential to hit a fairly empty.300 in his prime years. I think I've been pretty upfront about wanting to be in Tampa (Bay) for my whole career, but I realize that my window is getting smaller to win a championship. They had a trade in place for NL most valuable player Giancarlo Stanton, but Stanton used his no-trade clause to veto the deal and ultimately agreed to a trade to the New York Yankees. He is a 22-year-old infielder who is probably best suited for second base or third base, although he may not hit enough to profile as a regular at anywhere other than shortstop. "He's been one of the most consistent third basemen in the game", Bochy said. Considering the availability of suitors and sensible reasons to make a trade, it had been speculated that it would not be long before the Rays signed off on dealing Longoria. In 2017, his rookie season, he batted just.192 in 34 games with the Giants.

Trading for Longoria also makes a large dent in the Giants' future payroll, as he's signed through the 2022 season and will make upward of $18 million in 2021 before commanding $19.5 million in 2022.

As part of the assignment bonus, Tampa Bay owes Longoria $1.5 million on December 15, 2025, and $2 million on December 15 in each of the following four years.

Span is largely an add in to help alleviate the Giants financial woes after taking on Longoria's contract. The Giants had been linked throughout the winter to free agent third baseman Mike Moustakas, but signing him would have cost the Giants a 2018 draft pick and worldwide bonus-pool money - added costs they weren't willing to take on. "The organization just got better", said Brian Sabean, Giants executive vice president of baseball operations.

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