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Net neutrality protests coming to a Verizon store near you today

Net neutrality protests coming to a Verizon store near you today

Net neutrality protests coming to a Verizon store near you today

A small group of people rallied outside of the Verizon store in Bangor today to voice support for net neutrality.

Net neutrality refers to the concept of internet service providers, or ISPs, treating all internet traffic equally. But net neutrality is only a part of how the Internet is regulated.

Valerie Walker of Indivisible Bangor said, "The best outcome would be for net neutrality rules to stay in place and not have our internet privatized".

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Without net neutrality, do you trust your phone or cable company to behave themselves, or do you expect your bills to go up?

Without net neutrality, these corporations could cut off access to websites they - or the United States government, which through the NSA has historically been tied to telecom companies - deem inappropriate for the public to read, just like in North Korea or China. "Net Neutrality is essential to our democracy". Ending net neutrality, he said, would also end that possibility. You may have seen this Thursday's protest on Broadway. Having disliked the regulations since he was in the political minority on the commission, the Trump-appointed chairman Ajit Pai now has a 3:2 Republican majority to abolish them, which he plans to do at a commission meeting on December 14. Two employees, one in an Android mascot costume, even stood near protesters for a while, waving at cars. If one were to take note of the ever-increasing rate at which innovations have been made in social media, smartphone apps, and computing, then how could one say that the very regulations that keep the internet open are a detriment to progress?

A district sales manager at Russell Cellular Verizon declined to comment, or to give his name.

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