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Pokemon GO: Still No Timetable for Pokemon Trading

Pokemon GO: Still No Timetable for Pokemon Trading

Pokemon GO: Still No Timetable for Pokemon Trading

So, start preparing those PokeBalls, Berries, and other paraphernalia.

As part of their recent effort to truly expand Pokemon Go's content offerings, Niantic has announced that they are adding dynamic weather and 50 new Generation 3 Pokemon to the mobile app.

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In an interview with IGN, Niantic global product marketing lead Archit Bhargava explained that Pokemon trading is still something that the team wants to add to Pokemon GO, especially since it was shown in its initial announcement trailer. The real-world weather around Trainers will impact the gameplay of Pokemon GO in a variety of ways that include changing Pokemon habitats and where they can be found, increasing Combat Power, and earning more Stardust after catching a Pokemon. In response to these concerns, Niantic has revealed that Pokemon trading is still in the cards, but there is still no timetable for when it will be added to the game. As far as the dynamic real-world weather system is concerned, it will mimic the individual player's local weather conditions in the game environment thereby giving a more realistic touch to the gaming interface. While Niantic states that they don't intend to have those Pokemon only appear in certain weather conditions, they do want to make the game feel a bit more organic in that respect. That said, there are six different weather types available clear, rain, cloudy, fog, snow, and windy. "We just haven't fully investigated those and talked about how would we want to bring those into Pokemon Go", Bhargava admitted. For example, you'll have a larger chance of capturing Mudkip if you go out into the rain. You'll find Magikarps splashing around in the rain, Snorunts frolicking in the snow and Charmanders roaming about on sunny days. "W$3 e definitely felt the need to bring out the Hoenn region Pokemon, so that became the focus, and dynamic weather came through that".

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