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Congress is punting on the government shutdown deadline

Congress is punting on the government shutdown deadline

Congress is punting on the government shutdown deadline

On Thursday, Schumer said Trump seemed to be rooting for a shutdown and if one occurs, "it will fall on his shoulders". This week's vote to keep the government operating on temporary funding is likely to be the first of a three-step process that could stretch to January 31. Without funding, employees are put on furlough, national monuments, parks and attractions must close, and everyday federal workers with families ultimately pay the price for partisan politics.

"It could happen", Trump said about a shutdown. The 16-day shutdown cost an estimated $24 billion in economic output, and left around 800,000 "non essential" federal employees furloughed.

That's why using the potential for a shutdown as leverage or as a political bargaining tool - regardless of party - angers so many people.

Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein said she expected Democrats to vote for the government funding bill this week, telling Reuters in an interview that while it "is important to all of us" to take care of the Dreamers, "I don't think we should shut the government down".

President Donald Trump on Wednesday again raised the possibility of a US government shutdown by week's end - blaming Democrats for that possible outcome - one day before he is due to host Republican and Democratic congressional leaders for talks on a spending bill.

'It could happen, ' he said.

"The Democrats are really looking at something that is very risky for our country", Trump told reporters at the White House. "They are looking at shutting down". Tremendous amounts of crime.

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Pelosi has echoed the sentiment, and said last week "we want to keep government open".

Trump on Wednesday ignored Democrats' pleas to include a measure saving the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program that he axed with a six-month delay earlier this year on the basis that it was an unconstitutional executive action by the previous administration. By the very definition of the program, DACA recipients can not be criminals, so Trump's remarks make little sense. That issue is at the core of Republicans' behind-the-scenes negotiations with Democrats.

House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters he felt good about the vote count on the spending bill. Conservatives are asking for a commitment leadership does not believe it can give them: a promise to "hold the line" and refuse Senate Democrats' demands for increased spending on non-defense programs. Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi pulled out of the first such meeting Tuesday due to a tweet from Trump attacking them and suggesting no deal was possible. "Democrats are hopeful the President will be open to an agreement to address the urgent needs of the American people and keep government open".

Trump has given Congress until March to resolve the issue, with Democrats wanting to vote now, and Republicans mostly hoping to put off any immigration vote until next year after approving the tax and budget legislation. He called keeping the government running "just basic governing".

This is what the nation has come to in its brief history: the threat of having to work across the aisle is now the worst case, doomsday scenario majority lawmakers are decrying as a method of wrangling their infighting factions.

There is another wild card for both parties in Thursday's meeting: Trump.

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