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Bridge Constructor Portal announced

Bridge Constructor Portal announced

Bridge Constructor Portal announced

"Valve promised a partial return to those days today with the announcement of a brand-new Portal game. that just so happens to be built as an expansion to Bridge Constructor". The game is coming to PC, iOS, Android, PS4, Xbox One and Switch, with the presence of mobile versions suggesting this may be about planning a solution and setting off a series of events to see if it works, rather than more real time altering of solutions. And, yes, Portal's evil AI GLaDOS is in Bridge Constructor Portal and back to delivering her/its signature acerbic but monotone observations of player-characters. It's called Bridge Constructor Portal and it puts you right back in Aperture Labs, together with GLaDOS who has made a decision to run tests in vehicle-based test chambers because. well, why not? I honestly couldn't tell you.

Portal and Portal 2 both have players solving traversal puzzles using the titular portal gun.

Interestingly, this also means that the game will not be Windows exclusive.

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Bridge Constructor Portal, as the name suggests, combines gameplay from Bridge Constructor and Portal.

A collaboration between Valve and Bridge Constructor developer Clockstone Software, Bridge Constructor Portal is a standalone game coming to Windows, MacOS, Linux, and mobile on December 20.

Headup Games is a German studio known for Runbow, Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic, and 2013's Bridge Constructor, which this new game is a spin-off of.

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