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Republicans have the votes to pass tax bill in Senate: McConnell

Republicans have the votes to pass tax bill in Senate: McConnell

Republicans have the votes to pass tax bill in Senate: McConnell

Three more US senators signed on to support a sweeping Republican tax bill on Friday as party leaders worked to address the concerns of lawmakers anxious about its impact on the federal deficit, healthcare and property taxes.

The leaders were making major changes up to the last minute, including one that would roll back some of the tax cuts after six years to appease deficit hawks - notably Sens. "That disparity between the USA tax code and foreign tax rates has literally chased jobs and wages out of this country". Several wavering Republicans had signaled support for the bill, including John McCain of Arizona.

Corker and Flake held up an otherwise routine vote on Thursday after the Senate's parliamentarian ruled they could not add to the bill a mechanism to trigger tax increases in coming years if the bill fails to boost the economy enough to offset a higher deficit. They include some wanting bigger tax breaks for many businesses but others cringing over the $1.4 trillion - or more - that the measure is projected to add to budget deficits over the next decade.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., had expressed confidence early in the day, but he has little margin for error with a 52-48 Republican majority.

He said he had succeeded in eliminating an $85 billion expensing "budget gimmick" and gotten a firm commitment from Senate leaders and the Trump administration to work on permanent protections for illegal immigrants brought to the United States illegally as children.

In a dramatic turn Thursday, Democrats forced a vote on whether to return the measure to the Senate Finance Committee so it could be rewritten to ensure smaller deficits. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., declared he would vote for it. Johnson and Sen.

Until late last night, it appeared that Flake and Corker had found a way to vote for the bill.

"Other countries have learned how to use their tax codes to entice USA businesses overseas, businesses around the globe, to their country - to move away from the United States to their countries' more competitive tax code", Republican Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado said.

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Unlike the tax bill passed by the House two weeks ago, the Senate measure would end the requirement in President Barack Obama's health care law that people pay a tax penalty if they don't buy health insurance. Right now the bill would permanently cut the corporate tax to 20 percent but delay the rate reduction by one year, so it would take effect in 2019. The deduction will go to 23 percent from 17.4 percent in the original Senate bill.

Because the House passed a different tax-slashing bill, the probable outcome of Senate approval - provided the House doesn't pass the Senate's version - would be a conference committee in which lawmakers from both chambers fashion a compromise that could include elements of either bill.

A spokeswoman for Collins said Friday that the ME lawmaker and Senate Republicans are "making very good progress" on negotiations.

Oklahoma's Lankford came aboard on Friday after having questioned whether tax revenues from economic growth would compensate for the expected increase in the national debt under the plan. That's far short of the $2 trillion promised by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

"That's under discussion now", said Sen John Hoeven, R-N.D. late Thursday.

The GOP has already secured support from two other key votes: Sens. The current Senate bill completely eliminates the federal deduction for state and local taxes, a popular benefit in the Democratic-leaning states of New York, New Jersey, California and IL as well as many wealthy suburbs nationwide.

Collins also has prepared an amendment to the tax bill to make state and local property tax deductible up to $10,000, a provision that is part of the House of Representatives' tax bill. It's similar to a provision in the House-passed bill.

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