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Android luminary takes leave from phone maker amid controversy

Android luminary takes leave from phone maker amid controversy

Android luminary takes leave from phone maker amid controversy

According to sources speaking with The Information, Rubin departed Google in 2014 due to an "inappropriate relationship" with a woman that worked under him in the Android division at Google.

Rubin's spokesperson Mike Sitrick denied the allegation to The Information, saying "any relationship" Rubin had at Google was consensual and that Rubin was never told by Google that he had been engaged in misconduct. The Information added that the inquiry by Google found Rubin's relationship to be "improper and showed bad judgement", due to Google's rulebook prohibiting a relationship between a superior and an underling.

Despite his spokesman claiming he is innocent and the relationship was consensual, Rubin announced to Essential that he was taking a leave of absence shortly after The Information told him about the report. Rubin had taken the robotics role at Google in December 2013.

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Essential founder Andy Rubin, or more popularly known as the Android creator, reportedly did not leave Google on a happy note. The employee was in Rubin's Android division within Google, which is where the conflict of interest comes from. A human resources complaint by the woman prompted Google's action, the report said. A spokesperson for the company said the board agreed to the decision and company President Niccolo de Masi will carry out day-to-day operations at Essential.

If the report turns out to be true, then Rubin would be the second senior Google executive to exit the search giant owing to alleged misconduct. The company in its code of conduct for employees notes that two people working in the same team can't be in a relationship. As far as we know, Rubin did not state how long he would be gone or why he was stepping away.

Rubin, who later founded smartphone maker Essential, is now on leave from his new company. According to multiple reports, his departure coincided with the start of Google's investigation.

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