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Star Wars video game maker apologizes after uproar from fans

Star Wars video game maker apologizes after uproar from fans

Star Wars video game maker apologizes after uproar from fans

"We were underwhelmed by sell-through for Star Wars: Battlefront II (EA) over the Black Friday weekend, which follows a controversial launch for the game", Stifel analyst Drew Crum said in a statement. "But our view is these are great opportunities for us to continue to tune the game, to adjust these things". "If we're not making some mistakes along the way, that's when you should worry about it".

Jim Sterling, a British reviewer and noted critic of the big budget games industry, called the experience a "grueling slog for those unwilling to pay more money" than the $60-$80 box price of the game. Players can choose which side in battles they want to play on, meaning they can unlock Sith and Jedi alike, such as Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, Rey or Yoda. In the Credit Suisse Annual Technology Jorgensen said they are focused on not breaking Star War's canon laws and Star Wars has been developing for many years so if you add a lot of cosmetic items they might break Star Wars Cannon. And so if you did a bunch of cosmetic things, you might start to violate the canon right? This response from EA didn't make gamers happy and many gamers were saying that Battlefront 2's multiplayer violates Star Wars canon and many gamers say this is just another excuse by EA. "We do not believe loot boxes are gambling, and suspect player angst over mangled approaches to MTX will naturally self arrest further game development errors", Benchmark analyst Mike Hickey wrote in an email. I think the challenge, and it's one that everybody's facing in this industry-running live services requires tuning and tweaking, and sometimes you don't get things right the first try, once you put it in the hands of hundreds or thousands or millions of players.

"We're really watching how people are playing the game", Jorgensen said, "We're trying to understand are there certain modes where MTX may be more interesting than not? We think the time has come for the industry to collectively establish a set of standards for microtransaction implementation, both to fix damaged player perceptions and avoid the threat of regulation".

Pakistani police fire tear gas to break up Islamists' sit-in blocking capital
After banning news channels, the government has also shut down social media websites including FaceBook , YouTube and Twitter . Protesters had been blocking a key road connecting Islamabad and the neighboring city of Rawalpindi since November 8.

Black Friday Brawl Forces Alabama Mall to Close Early
No arrests were made, but Hoover police say that an undetermined amount of people were detained pending warrants. In Missouri, a gun was sacked at Columbia Mall in Columbia, Missouri, ABC 17 News reported early Friday morning.

Tencent to act as exclusive Chinese publisher for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
Tencent has also promised that it is reworking the game specifically for the Chinese audience. PUBG Corp. provided more insight about the partnership in a press release.

EA and DICE don't have a timetable for when we can expect to see the return of microtransactions to Battlefront 2. If EA does make changes to the way they monetize games and profits decline, investors will revolt again.

"So, there might be things that we can do cosmetically, and we're working with Lucas [film] on that". Some people have more time than money and some have more money than time and you want to always balance those two. But Star Wars fans also may want to tailor things: "different colour Lightsabers, things like that, so you may see something like that".

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