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Microsoft finally brings full Office support to all Chromebooks

Microsoft finally brings full Office support to all Chromebooks

Microsoft finally brings full Office support to all Chromebooks

If you recall, Google announced a year ago that Android app support would be released for ChromeOS. Now, Microsoft has made the Office productivity suite available for download for all Chromebooks.

As Chrome Unboxed correctly highlights, this won't mean new functionality for all. Although there's been no official announcement, research by Chrome Unboxed suggests the wait is now over for Chromebook users wanting to use Office.

Of course, why it took so long for Microsoft to iron out the kinks remains a mystery.

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I do love Google Docs, it has everything I need to get stuff done on the move, but, given the choice, I would always choose Office 365 over it, as it is simply more my style - it's also more feature-rich.

Office has been usable on a few select Chromebooks since Google launched the Play Store on Chrome OS past year. The only device that seems to consistently have access to working Office apps was Google's own Pixelbook. Now, their Chromebooks will be compatible with the occasional Office file they receive. The ability to run Android apps was already the biggest strength of the Chrome OS, now the addition of the missing apps makes the OS even more competitive. An Office 365 subscription is also another requirement, otherwise, you won't be able to get your hands on these apps. Last year, Google announced that the Google Play Store and Android apps were coming to Chromebooks, making these devices a really interesting alternative to Windows laptops.

However, there is a small requirement for Chromebooks that feature screens larger than 10.1-inch. The Samsung Chromebook Pro, for example, has a 12.3-inch display, which puts it in the paid bracket. But the majority of Chromebook owners will want a personal subscription that includes a PC or Mac, a tablet and a phone for $69.99 per year (it's unclear what a Chromebook will be classified as).

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