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China's trade with North Korea sinks in October after United Nations sanctions

China's trade with North Korea sinks in October after United Nations sanctions

China's trade with North Korea sinks in October after United Nations sanctions

US President Donald Trump this week declared North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism, a spot on a US blacklist Pyongyang had shed almost a decade ago.

The "old lunatic Trump" has invoked feelings of "hate and spirit to destroy the enemy" among North Koreans, state-run agency, Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee, KAPPC, said in a statement.

China, the North's sole ally, rejected the new sanctions as "wrong" on Wednesday. Trump said that the terror designation and new sanctions would be part of a series of moves over the next two weeks to reinforce his "maximum pressure campaign" against Kim Jong-Un's regime. "But, it does not bring serious impacts to North Korea's economy". But the unilateral measures, analysts said, only prevent US companies and banks from doing business with those sanctioned, which was already happening in practice.

North Korea, however, deals commercially with China on a number of different levels, including trade across the river that is technically illegal.

USA diplomats responsible for negotiating with the North Koreans in previous years were by and large supportive of strong sanctions - and also of calling North Korea a "terror state".

But North Korea is unlikely to give in to the sanctions and come back to the negotiation table anytime soon.

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This continues a trend in which US-North Korea relations appear to send a lot of mixed messages.

Christopher Hill is the former USA diplomat who was instrumental in persuading first the secretary of state at the time, Condoleezza Rice, and then President Bush, to pull North Korea's name from the "terror list".

Despite being shot five times and suffering from infections and parasites, the soldier survived after getting medical treatment in South Korea.

Mr Trump told reporters on Monday the decision "should have happened years ago" and demanded Pyongyang: "end its unlawful nuclear and ballistic missile development". The spokesperson noted that their actions included expulsion of North Korean workers and diplomats.

North Korea did not immediately respond to being accused again of sponsoring terrorism but lashed out at Trump for insulting the leadership in Pyongyang during a speech this month in South Korea.

North Korea joins Iran, Sudan, and Syria - the only countries designated by the U.S.as state sponsors of terrorism.

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