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Apple has been using teen labour to assemble the iPhone X

Apple has been using teen labour to assemble the iPhone X

Apple has been using teen labour to assemble the iPhone X

Apple and Foxconn told the Financial Times that the students were all working voluntarily and compensated, though acknowledged that breaches of policy had occurred when they were allowed to work more than 40 hours a week.

The students were reportedly told they must complete the "work experience" if they wanted to graduate.

Foxconn has illegally brought on 3000 students from the Zhengzhou Urban Rail Transit School to assemble the smartphone as it works to make up ground following severe production delays, according to a damning new report by the Financial Times. "We are being forced by our school to work here", said Ms Yang, an 18-year-old student, who said to have assembled up to 1,200 iPhone X cameras a day. Foxconn has been hiring student workers for years, but Apple still hasn't done enough to limit the work hours, according to Li.

During the course of a recent audit, we discovered instances of student interns working overtime at a supplier facility in China. "The work has nothing to do with our studies", Ms. Yang added, noting that she's now training to become a train attendant.

This isn't the first time that Foxconn has come under fire for less-than-ideal working conditions.

The "Foxconn City" park outside of Shenzhen came under worldwide scrutiny in 2010 after media reports about 18 suicide attempts and 14 deaths that year.

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Apple is dedicated to ensuring everyone in our supply chain is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

In China, student labor is allowed, however it must be limited to 40 hours a week, and students must be paid or compensated with benefits, and their placements must be voluntary.

Foxconn says its internship program involved cooperation "with local governments and a number of vocational schools".

The high school refused to comment, and China's education ministry could not be reached by Times reporters. According to those reports, the company and its production partners were struggling to keep up with their shipment goals on the phone. Apple told the media outlet that it was aware that student interns were "working overtime at a supplier factory in China".

Read the full article at the Financial Times.

Compared to past infractions, the overtime issue might seem relatively minor, but Apple and Foxconn are under intense scrutiny due to prior problems.

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