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Harrison Ford Plays Real-Life Hero After Woman Crashes Car Off Highway

Harrison Ford Plays Real-Life Hero After Woman Crashes Car Off Highway

Harrison Ford Plays Real-Life Hero After Woman Crashes Car Off Highway

The driver was taken to a nearby hospital.

Eyewitnesses tell TMZ Ford was driving behind her when she lost control and crashed into an embankment off the freeway.

Sources confirmed to multiple outlets that the woman was transported away from the vehicle crash scene with only minor injuries.

Photos of Ford talking to first responders at the scene began surfacing online. On Sunday, the star reportedly helped a woman who crashed her vehicle on the highway.

Harrison Ford was seen in Santa Paula helping out at the scene of a rollover accident Sunday, authorities said.

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Indiana Jones to the rescue!

In February, Ford flew directly above an American Airlines Boeing 737 commercial jet with 116 people on it, the Daily Mail reported.

Once again, Harrison Ford has stepped into headlines (this time not for any plane incidents).

This isn't the first time that the actor has shown quick-thinking and a willingness to help others in potentially risky situations.

In September the actor hopped out of his auto to direct traffic in NY after getting stuck in a traffic jam at the entrance of Midtown Tunnel, Entertainment Tonight reported. Ford was reportedly not involved in the crash.

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