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Arab League affirms solidarity with KSA's security measures

Arab League affirms solidarity with KSA's security measures

Arab League affirms solidarity with KSA's security measures

The proposed resolution warns Iran against maintaining its current policy path and demands Arab diplomats push for a UN Security Council meeting in order to discuss "threats" posed by Iran, according to the diplomats.

Riyadh and Tehran have for decades stood on opposing sides of conflicts in the Middle East, including Yemen and Syria - where Iran-backed Hizbollah militiamen are fighting alongside forces loyal to Syrian president Bashar Al Assad.

AFP reports that Saudi Arabia requested for Arab League foreign ministers' meeting to discuss "the violations committed by Iran in the Arab region, which undermines security and peace ... around the globe".

Speaking to editors of Egyptian newspapers on Sunday on the sidelines of the Arab foreign ministers meeting at the Arab League in Cairo, Jubeir said that the boycotting countries have sent a message to Qatar demanding that it commits to not supporting or funding terrorism.

The Arab League held an emergency meeting in Cairo on Sunday and issued a resolution that heavily criticized Iran and Hezbollah.

Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari also did not attend the meeting.

Hariri is now in Paris, where he arrived on Saturday after spending 13 says in Saudi Arabia.

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He said that "Iranian threats have gone beyond all limits and pushed the region into a unsafe abyss", but gave no details on how Arab states intend to counteract Iran's regional activities. Iran's backing for militias such as Hezbollah have helped defeat ISIS, but have also greatly expanded Iran's foothold in the region, incurring the wrath of Saudi Arabia.

"We say it in clear terms that Iranian threats have exceeded all boundaries and are pushing the region toward the abyss".

In a statement the party said it "rejects the description of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement as terrorist".

He even went on saying that missile which was sacked by Houthis towards Riyadh was "Iranian made" and called is as an "unacceptable Iranian message".

Hizbollah, which was formed by Iran's Revolutionary Guards and still receives financial and militarily assistance from Tehran, fought Israel's occupation of Lebanon in the early 1980s. The meeting was held at the behest of Saudi Arabia amid heightened tension with Iran over developments in Lebanon and ongoing war against Yemen.

Bahrain's foreign minister, Sheikh Khalid Bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, urged strong action by the Arab League against Iran. The Syrian government, backed by Russian Federation and Iran, was replaced by the pro-rebel Syrian National Coalition in the Arab League in 2013, but the Syrian seat was again vacated in 2014.

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