Pixel 2 microphone problems have a classic NES-style workaround

Pixel 2 microphone problems have a classic NES-style workaround

Pixel 2 microphone problems have a classic NES-style workaround

Well, these are based on mere speculations and we have to say that it is not LG's fault that the Pixel 2 came out with a major issue.

This particular problem has caused discoloration and even a blue tint on the Pixel 2's display and consumers are not happy for it.

For the screen burn-in though, Google in a blog post has explained that it will roll out a software update to minimize the burn-in issue, but at this point in time, we are too skeptical on that.

In what might be one of the strangest twists of Google's disastrous Pixel 2 launch saga, some users are finding that they are able to bring their faulty microphones back to life by blowing on them.

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Ever since Google started selling the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL in the market, things have gone bad to worst.

Some users have pointed that the screen flashing on the Pixel 2 XL doesn't happen every time but does occur frequently. At the moment, the issue is now limited to Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL owners are not affected. When users make a call the other person on the other side can not hear them.

It doesn't happen on the Pixel 2 but only on the bigger variant. Luckily for users affected by the long list of Pixel 2 or 2 XL issues, Google has extended its warranty on both devices for free, but it does beg the question as to just how much this warranty will be called into effect in the length of one contract.

Some Pixel 2 owners have reported unresponsive microphones during calls or while using voice assistant. However, a user shared in a recent post that the problem may be resolved by blowing into the bottom speaker. "I believe this is a hardware issue unfortunately - or at least in my case". Blowing into the speaker like you would an old NES cartridge. Till this problem is fixed, you can count on the word of other users who have claimed that this solution will make the mic work!

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