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Send Nudes: Facebook Wants Naked Pictures of Users to Fight Revenge Porn

Send Nudes: Facebook Wants Naked Pictures of Users to Fight Revenge Porn

Send Nudes: Facebook Wants Naked Pictures of Users to Fight Revenge Porn

Facebook and other technology companies use this type of photo-matching technology where images are "hashed" to tackle other types of content including child sex abuse and extremist imagery.

When you send your nude photo to Facebook, what exactly happens to it?

Julie Inman Grant, Australia's e-Safety commissioner, said Facebook would not permanently store the images, only their digital fingerprints, which are capable of blocking further attempts to upload the pictures but can not be decoded to produce the images themselves.

Image-based abuse (IBA), which is not just limited to porn or revenge, is a growing concern in Australia.

"This is an initial pilot in Australia".

Users who fear their nude photos could end up on Facebook or Instagram can contact the office, which may then direct the user to send a copy of the photo to themself on Facebook Messenger, BBC News reports.

You probably do need some human involvement to prevent people chucking images into the system which *wouldn't* be classified as "revenge porn" (perhaps with mischief in mind, or perhaps in an attempt to prevent the spread of images that they were trying to suppress for other reasons).

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A recent study found that one in five Australians have been victims of revenge porn. You tell Australian government department that is working with Facebook.

In April, Facebook announced that it would take steps to combat "revenge porn". You send the nude to yourself in Messenger, and Facebook creates a hashed digital fingerprint of the photo - an encrypted version of the raw data in the image file.

"So if somebody tried to upload that same image, which would have the same digital footprint or hash value, it will be prevented from being uploaded", she claimed.

While it trains the algorithm, Facebook will assign a human Community Operations Analyst, who will be responsible for accessing, hashing and protecting images, to every case the commissioner hands over.

It's an idea that sounds like utter madness, but Facebook is at pains to convince users that it's actually a brilliant solution.

By the way, "revenge porn" is a horrendous phrase. For one thing, if someone is able to hack into someone's Facebook account (like say, if the person is already logged in or the password is stored in the browser), could the image be retrieved? Well, share your nude photo first with Facebook. If the same photo is uploaded then it will thwart the same and prevent it from distribution.

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