Samsung Galaxy S9 Won't Make It Before Apple

Samsung Galaxy S9 Won't Make It Before Apple

Samsung Galaxy S9 Won't Make It Before Apple

The "Infinity Display" of the Galaxy S8 (Amazon, $637.98) was one of the primary contributors to its success, so there is no reason for Samsung to change up the front of Galaxy S9 other than to increase the screen-to-body ratio. This application is for what is said to be for a pressure-sensitive in-display fingerprint reader. Its focus actually isn't so much on the technology allowing the fingerprint sensor to be integrated into a smartphone's display, but rather on a pressure sensor system created to discern between normal screen interaction and a finger pressed against the screen for a biometric scan. The Note 9 will need some way to differentiate itself from the Galaxy S9, and Note phones are often used to trial quirky new technologies before being adopted on the core S-series devices.

The S9 concept that has been showcased by various reviewers and tech authority sites is slated to hit the market in 2018 I would like you to note, the S9 is going to be a great surprise.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 was launched earlier this year and captured a good response, and it was sporadic when it came on sale at a discounted price. The company may switch to facial recognition in the future.

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As Galaxy Club reports, the patent was recently filed with the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

According to tipster Benjamin Geskin, the Galaxy S9 would launch with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage, along with a microSD card slot for further memory expansion. As a result, those specific tasks can be performed much faster without draining a lot of battery power.

On Thursday, October 26, Samsung announced it's adding another addition to its lineup of tablets - the Galaxy Tab A (2017). In practice, Samsung will most likely lock it down to its own chosen few.

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