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Fox Settled $32 Million Harassment Case Against O'Reilly

Fox Settled $32 Million Harassment Case Against O'Reilly

Fox Settled $32 Million Harassment Case Against O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly reportedly settled a sexual harassment suit for $32 million earlier this year, months before he was sacked by Fox News.

In January, Bill O'Reilly paid a $32 million settlement with longtime network analyst Lis Wiehl to settle sexual harassment allegations shortly before his contract was renewed, reports the New York Times. Though Fox was already under fire at the time for its handling of complaints against Roger Ailes, the network rewarded O'Reilly with a new contract-and a significant raise-just a month after he settled with Wiehl.

O'Reilly, host of The O'Reilly Factor, was ousted from the news channel in April amid reports he'd settled multiple suits to the tune of $13 million.

"His new contract, which was made at a time typical for renewals of multi-year talent contracts, added protections for the company specifically aimed at harassment, including that O'Reilly could be dismissed if the company was made aware of other allegations or if additional relevant information was obtained in a company investigation".

Mr. O'Reilly ultimately left Fox News three months after reaching the settlement with Ms. Wiehl following news reports surfacing detailing a handful of similar, previously undisclosed allegations of sexual harassment raised by several of his female colleagues.

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In trying to contain yet another scandal at the much scandalized, many times publicly remorseful and much sued FNC, the parent company today also reacted to the latest revelations with more promises that things are getting better.

As other accusations swirled around FNC before, during and since, O'Reilly was finally canned after it was revealed that over $10 million had been paid out to settle other sexual harassment claims against him.

O'Reilly claims that Wiehl was part of his legal team, and that he had merely forwarded explicit messages from viewers to her as part of an effort to vet threats against him.

Ms. Wiehl agreed to destroy all communications between her and Mr. O'Reilly and eventually signed an affidavit dated January 17 retracting the allegations and promising not to sue, the report said. O'Reilly was sacked in April over initial reports of his settlements with five women over similar allegations.

Gretchen Carlson, who received $20 million past year after claims against Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, tweeted her take on the matter: "Nobody pays $32m for false allegations - nobody".

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