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Nintendo announced a Super NES-themed New 3DS XL, and it's gorgeous

Nintendo announced a Super NES-themed New 3DS XL, and it's gorgeous

Nintendo announced a Super NES-themed New 3DS XL, and it's gorgeous

Not content with offering the Switch, the SNES Classic, and the 2DS XL, the Japanese company made a decision to bring a SNES-themed 3DS XL to the U.S. as well this year. Not when you can get a New 3DS XL painted to look like a Super Nintendo. When Analogue's Super NT is released early next year, the unedited game - now dubbed Super Turrican: Director's Cut - will be included with every console, along with an SNES-style cartridge box. Nintendo 3DS XL will play all the games of the Nintendo DS games, but those games will not appear in 3D. We can't forget the Super Mario World lime green 3DS and for Metroid fans, there was a special 3DS for you as well. However, as with other New 3DS XL units, you must purchase a separate AC adapter. The bigger issue for Nintendo is selling this $200 3DS XL when the 2DS XL only costs $150.

For some added context, Nintendo released a Super Famicom-themed New 3DS XL in Japan back in April 2016.

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To sweeten the deal, Nintendo will also pack the download code for Super Mario Kart with the 3DS. The US version of the handheld will sport the classic blue and grey motif we know and love. Pre-order it while you still can, SNES stuff never seems to stay on shelves these days. This incredible piece of technology meant that you could go back and play 21 of your favourite 16-Bit SNES games in all their pixelated glory.

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