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Why your Wi-Fi network is probably vulnerable to a hacker

Why your Wi-Fi network is probably vulnerable to a hacker

Why your Wi-Fi network is probably vulnerable to a hacker

The vulnerability can also be put to use to inject malware or ransomware into systems as well, which underscores a huge risk that both corporates and domestic users face in the aftermath of the discovery of the security flaw.

Any and all devices using a Wi-Fi connection are vulnerable to an attack by hackers, security researchers have revealed.

Microsoft, which publishes first update on operating system side, states that re is no way to be feared on computers that are receiving automatic updates.

"During our initial research, we discovered ourselves that Android, Linux, Apple, Windows, OpenBSD, MediaTek, Linksys, and others, are all affected by some variant of the attacks", he continued.

The full finding of vulnerabilities discovered will be made public by the KU Leuven team on November 1 at the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security in Dallas. Not only are routers and switches affected though, but there are millions upon millions of internet of things devices which will be much harder to update to fix this problem.

The vulnerability has more to do with flawed implementation than the protocol itself.

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The best way to protect yourself at the moment is to ensure that all computing devices and mobile devices that connect with Wi-Fi are properly updated with the latest software and security patches. They found the attack "works against all modern protected Wi-Fi networks" and against 41% of all Android devices.

Manufacturers and vendors have promised updates that are already available or will be soon. In other words, a hacker would have to be physically near the same router as you to gain access to your device. "We're aware of the issue, and we will be patching any affected devices in the coming weeks", the spokesperson said.

Kuskov explained that in order to decipher traffic, an attacker would simply need to bring his computer within range of the targeted Wi-Fi network and run special software.

As I've previously written, the padlock indicates that traffic to and from a site is encrypted - via the HTTPS protocol- which basically means no one but that site can read any sensitive information you share.

Your password-protected Wi-Fi connection could be vulnerable to trespassing. "Users can expect all their Wi-Fi devices, whether patched or unpatched, to continue working well together".

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