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Hurricanes Lee, Maria gain strength in Atlantic

Hurricanes Lee, Maria gain strength in Atlantic

Hurricanes Lee, Maria gain strength in Atlantic

The remnants of two Atlantic hurricanes could hit the United Kingdom and Ireland by the end of the week, bringing stormy weather.

An upper trough of low pressure over the Gulf of Mexico is interacting with a tropical near Florida's east coast and could result in a developing area of low pressure near the coast of Florida.

In the Outer Banks, coastal wind gusts could be as high as 60 miles per hour.

There are now no coastal warnings in effect for the weakening storm.

A tropical storm warning was in effect for the North Carolina coast from Bogue Inlet to the Virginia border, and meteorologists said a storm surge could hit from Ocracoke Inlet to Cape Hatteras.

The U.K. Meteorological Office issued a yellow National Severe Weather Warning for rain and wind, highlighting parts of Wales, northwest England and southwest and central Scotland as most at risk of seeing some impacts from the weather during Saturday night into Sunday, Oct. 1.

The center remained far offshore, centered about 160 miles east-southeast of Cape Hatteras and moving north at 7 mph.

And now the Met Office has said Maria could move north and bring strong winds and heavy rain.

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The storm is now reported to have maximum sustained winds of about 70 miles per hour, moving north at 7 miles per hour. The National Hurricane Center expects Lee to weaken quickly and its remnants to bring gusty winds to Ireland and the United Kingdom over the weekend of September 30 and October 1.

Havoc-wreaking hurricanes Lee and Maria are merging to form an intense storm.

“This steering pattern is forecast to persist, and Maria is anticipated to continue on this track with an increase in forward speed until dissipation.”.

Mandatory evacuations have been ordered for visitors on Ocracoke and Hatteras islands.

The Carolina coasts could experience Tropical Storm force winds.

No injuries have been reported on the US mainland from Maria, which lashed North Carolina's fragile Outer Banks with high water and waves, washing over the only highway connecting Hatteras Island to the mainland. By Thursday, the storm will move out to sea and away from the North Carolina coast.

Maria has finally become just a tropical storm. Hurricane Lee, no threat to land, will also add to the month's record-breaking stats as it spins east of Bermuda.

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