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Vice president 'disappointed' Sen. Collins against Graham-Cassidy Bill

Vice president 'disappointed' Sen. Collins against Graham-Cassidy Bill

Vice president 'disappointed' Sen. Collins against Graham-Cassidy Bill

The decision is another blow to President Donald Trump's attempts to repeal Obamacare, a long-time Republican campaign promise and a centerpiece of his legislative agenda. Rand Paul and John McCain said that they would oppose the Graham-Cassidy bill and there were other members on the fence - at least publicly - including Alaska Sen.

After that, the budget reconciliation measure being used to fast-track the bill - and pass it with only a simple majority instead of the normal 60-vote minimum - will expire. Bill Cassidy would come back some day, but acknowledged that the effort is dead for now. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) and Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.). Another lawmaker leaving the gathering, Sen.

Barring a reversal, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., must decide whether to hold a roll call at all. And that was before Collins had solidified her position against it.

No votes from McCain, Collins and another Republican, Lisa Murkowski, killed an effort by the Senate to undo Obamacare in July.

Shortly afterwards, another Republican, Sen.

"We have 52 votes so we can't lose any votes". Susan Collins (R-Maine) joined two of her colleagues in formal opposition.

He continued more seriously: "It's really unbelievable", he said. Yet despite being in control of the House and Senate, their efforts have failed. "But you tell me what happens when somebody who has cancer, somebody who has a serious heart condition, somebody who has a life- threatening disease suddenly loses the health insurance that they have". Hundreds of people chanted "shame" as Graham entered to testify before the committee. And as soon as the hearing opened, they started chanting. Hatch, the committee's chairman, tried to gavel in the committee but protestors drowned him out.

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"Health care is a deeply personal, complex issue that affects every single one of us and one-sixth of the American economy". The Capitol Police said Monday night that 181 protestors had been arrested at the demonstration. The sole token hearing of a few hours on the bill took place on Monday.

President Trump supports the plan. I don't know much about either of them except that Rloy Moore who is according to Mark Levin, more conservative, would not vote for the Graham-Cassidy bill if he's elected. These organizations have argued the bill would cut overall health funding while allowing insurers to treat customers differently based on a pre-existing condition, a practice banned by Obamacare.

U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan said he's undecided, too, and it's not clear either Alaska senator will have to take a position. "Time is actually on our side", said Graham. Our insurance covers her equipment, while Medicaid covers the expensive supplemental nutrition.

"We're here to save Medicaid. Funding would shift away from states that expanded eligibility for Medicaid under the ACA and toward states that did not", the CBO said. It would make sweeping changes and cuts to Medicaid, with experts projecting a staggering US$1 trillion plus in cuts between 2020 and 2036 to the federal health programme for the poor and the disabled, which has been expanded under Obamacare.

"There has been some discussion that the new version of the bill includes additional money for my home state of Maine".

In his state, more than 300,000 people gained health insurance through the expansion, which extended coverage to more lower-income Americans by raising the income limit.

The new version of Graham-Cassidy would also provide billions of dollars more for states during the transition from Obamacare and as a contingency fund.

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