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Nashville Church Shooting Suspect's Cryptic Message

Nashville Church Shooting Suspect's Cryptic Message

Nashville Church Shooting Suspect's Cryptic Message

"Mr. Samson didn't expect Mr. Engle to encounter him, to struggle with him, to try to stop the shooting", said Don Aaron, the spokesman for the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department.

Samson has been medically cleared to be released.

The Nashville Fire Department tweeted that all but one of the victims is over 60 years old.

A Christian school says a pastor is among the wounded at a Nashville church shooting. The four remaining patients were all listed in stable condition.

A man arrested by officers in connection with the incident, 25 year old Emanuel Kidega Samson has been charged with murder.

After Engle's confrontation with Samson, he went to his auto in the parking lot to get a gun.

"Mr. Robert Engle, the usher, physically engaged the shooter and during the struggle, the shooter was shot", says Chief Steve Anderson with the Metro Nashville police.

Engle's grandmother, 69-year-old Rheta Engle, told a local newspaper that she was proud of him. The gunman is at a hospital being treated for injuries.

It was just after 11 a.m that he began shooting, arriving at the church's parking lot where he shot and killed 39-year old Melanie Smith as she was walking to her vehicle said Don Aaron, spokesman of the Metropolitan Nashville Police. She was found dead at the scene.

He then made his way inside he church through a back door and opened fire as the service was ending. The usher was then "pistol-whipped" by the gunman. The gunman silently walked down the aisle and shot unsuspecting people who were assembled there for the Sunday mass.

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The minister and wife are among those who were injured in the shooting.

I ask everyone to pray for the victims, family members of the victims, our church community.

- Tim Burchett (@timburchett) September 24, 2017We are closely monitoring reports of a church shooting in Antioch.

More details are awaited.

"Medical personnel are treating 8 wounded church goers shot at Burnett's Chapel Church of Christ".

According to police, one victim was "pistol whipped". The church is located in Antioch, a neighborhood in Davidson County governed by Nashville.

We'll bring you more updates as we receive them. The man shot himself after he was confronted by an armed member of the congregation.

Engle was treated at the hospital and released Sunday night.

"After the gunman suffered the self-inflicted wound, the church usher... ran to his auto, got his gun, came back in, and made sure the gunman didn't make any more movements until the police officers arrived", Aaron told journalists.

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