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Following Equifax Breach, AG Sends Data Security Inquiries to Experian, TransUnion

Following Equifax Breach, AG Sends Data Security Inquiries to Experian, TransUnion

Following Equifax Breach, AG Sends Data Security Inquiries to Experian, TransUnion

Bloomberg reported on Monday that investigators are examining stock sales made by three top executives at the company before Equifax disclosed a data breach in which hackers accessed the Social Security numbers and other personal information of as many as 143 million US consumers.

Equifax has since been hit with at least 30 lawsuits and is being investigated by multiple states, US Congress and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Following a recent data breach at Equifax that impacted millions of Americans, the Federal Trade Commission is warning consumers not to fall for a phone scam.

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The first incident reportedly affected a small number of outsiders and banking customers, who were notified of it in early March. Two Equifax executives - its chief information officer and chief security officer - retired on Friday. According to Equifax, on Jul. 28 its security team noticed suspicious traffic on its USA online dispute portal web application and blocked the traffic the same day.

United States lawmakers have demanded Equifax release specific details regarding the circumstances surrounding the breach including the timeline, when authorities and board members were informed of the hack and the company's decision to delay public disclosure of the attack for over a month. "Credit reporting agencies have a fundamental responsibility to protect the personal information they're entrusted with". Equifax shares have fallen 35% since the breach was disclosed on September 7 after the market close. It's not entirely clear why Equifax was unable to patch the known vulnerability in March, before attackers exploited the dispute portal web application in May. In Canada, the numbers are not almost as certain as Equifax has not publicly disclosed any estimate. This investigation has been identified as a priority for the Privacy Commissioner, as the data breach continues to remain a worry for many Canadians, especially those with dealings in the U.S. While Equifax will let you place or lift a freeze for free until November 21, the FTC says that TransUnion and Experian are not.

A wide range of sensitive and valuable information was exposed in the colossal Equifax data breach, including addresses, date of birth, driving license details and social security numbers. Stop. Don't tell them anything. "It's a scam. Equifax will not call you out of the blue".

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