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Boeing rebuffs Canada PM Trudeau's criticism of USA trade challenge

Boeing rebuffs Canada PM Trudeau's criticism of USA trade challenge

Boeing rebuffs Canada PM Trudeau's criticism of USA trade challenge

British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Monday she would press U.S. President Donald Trump this week about a trade challenge by Boeing Co that could endanger thousands of aerospace jobs in Northern Ireland.

And they leave little doubt Trudeau's Liberal government is serious about walking away from a controversial plan to purchase 18 interim Super Hornet fighter jets from Boeing if the company doesn't stand down.

"But we won't do business with a company that's busy trying to sue us and trying to put our aerospace workers out of business".

The Canadian aerospace manufacturer Bombardier has been accused by its American rival Boeing of receiving unfair state support, including a £113 million loan from the British government, for its new C-series plane.

"I am very clear about the potential impact this could have on jobs in Northern Ireland and I will be doing all I can to ensure we can see a resolution to this dispute because I want to see those jobs protected".

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The Trudeau government vowed during the 2015 campaign it would not buy expensive F35 aircraft to replace Canada's aging F-18s, and it said past year Ottawa would look to buy 18 Super Hornets, produced by Boeing, to meet Canada's military obligations while it re-starts the competition to find a long-term replacement.

Boeing opened a case against Bombardier at the Commerce Department's International Trade Commission in April accusing the company of dumping its C Series passenger jets into the US market at "absurdly low prices".

The U.S. Commerce Department is now investigating the complaint, and is expected to release its preliminary findings next week.

Trudeau said the U.K.is a signatory to the CETA now, which takes effect this week, and a new trade deal would mirror the Canada-European Trade Agreement.

Trudeau said he looked forward to discussing "opportunities to continue working closely with the United Kingdom as it moves forward with Brexit". May raised the issue with Trump in a call earlier this month and told reporters in Ottawa she would do so again this week on the margins of the United Nations.

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