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Yes, Trump Just Retweeted This GIF of Him Hurting Hillary Clinton

Yes, Trump Just Retweeted This GIF of Him Hurting Hillary Clinton

Yes, Trump Just Retweeted This GIF of Him Hurting Hillary Clinton

"It is distressing, though, to have a president that frankly will tweet and retweet things as juvenile as that", Schiff said on ABC's "This Week" program.

But many online were less amused when Trump retweeted a gif that had been edited to show him swinging a golf club and hitting a ball that then knocks over his former opponent Hillary Clinton in the next frame.

The GIF combines real footage of Trump playing golf and Clinton falling over as she walks onto a plane, but the golf ball has been edited into the Clinton video to make it seem as though it had struck her. "Donald Trump's fantastic golf swing #CrookedHillary", the caption of the original tweet said, a reference to the term Trump coined about his vanquished opponent during last year's' presidential election.

The tweets come after a week in which Clinton has released her memoir and North Korea launched a ballistic missile over Japan.

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Although the new White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly seemingly tamed Trump's tweet storms a bit, this morning the President may have retweeted his most inflammatory, message yet. They expressed their feelings loud and clear.

Mr Trump attacked Mrs Clinton directly on Wednesday in a series of posts on the social media site. "She spent big money but, in the end, had no game!"

"I have too little distance and too great a stake in it - instead this is my story".

The tweet, which came as Trump gets ready to make a beeline for NY for a basic round of powerhouse strategy with world pioneers at the United Nations, took after seven days amid which Clinton reemerged in the spotlight as she advanced her new book, "What Happened", about the 2016 battle, restoring her fiercest reactions of Trump and his supporters and reigniting the verbal confrontation about her shocking, unforeseen misfortune.

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