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Olive Garden brings back the Never Ending Pasta Pass

Olive Garden brings back the Never Ending Pasta Pass

Olive Garden brings back the Never Ending Pasta Pass

As part of the promotion for their "Never Ending Pasta Bowl" campaign, Olive Garden is dishing out 50 of these exclusive trips. That gives those lucky customers an all-inclusive, eight-day trip for two to Italy along with the eight weeks of unlimited pasta. The restaurant chain claims that previous year, all 21,000 cards - which entitles the holder to unlimited pasta for eight weeks - sold out in one second.

In addition, 50 customers will have the chance to buy a "Pasta Passport to Italy" for $200. Once overseas, they will visit Siena, Florence, Assisi, Rome, the Vatican City and Pisa.

It's 1,000 more Never Ending Pasta Passes than the Orlando-based restaurant chain sold previous year. Olive Garden plans to offer more than 22,000 Never Ending Pasta Passes. Apart from the meals, you'll have the chance to sample wine and gelato and even learn how to prepare regional dishes. The trip includes round-trip flights, four-star hotel accommodations, ground transportation, optional daily cultural and culinary activities and three meals per day.

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Throughout Never Ending Pasta Bowl beginning September 25, all guests can still enjoy unlimited servings of their favorite pasta combinations, homemade soup or salad and freshly baked breadsticks, starting at $9.99.

Olive Garden is selling 22,000 Never Ending Pasta Passes and 50 Pasta Passports to Italy.

"Every year, through our Pasta Pass sale, we get to connect with and delight thousands of our most passionate Olive Garden fans", said Jennifer Arguello, executive VP of marketing for Olive Garden.

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