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Apple Intros Apple TV 4K

Apple Intros Apple TV 4K

Apple Intros Apple TV 4K

So how does Apple's first foray into 4K stack up to the rest of the field? As far as pricing is concerned Apple 4K starts at $179 for the 32GB while the 64GB version retails at $199. But it didn't support Ultra HD (4K) content or high dynamic range (HDR) content - both technologies that rivals offer.

After Apple Watch 3, Apple has today also launched a 4K-capable version of its Apple TV set-top box at its keynote event. Chief among them all is 4K support, making the set-top-box more competitive with some of the biggest competing products from Roku and others.

What are the new features?

Yes, everything in the above list can be provided by alternative services, from Google Play Movies to Google Cast and IFTTT, but for those already invested in the Apple ecosystem the Apple TV is a pretty neat package. The new Apple TV 4K comes with the HDR or High Dynamic Range support and Dolby Vision.

Apple has also confirmed that popular video streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video will soon provide Apple TV 4K users with 4K HDR content streaming as well. The user interface is now optimized for 4K (including the screensavers...spared no expense), and the TV app is being expanded to include more sports and news content as well.

Apple will also begin providing new content in 4K HDR via iTunes, providing an easy source for consumers who want to rent or purchase TV shows and movies in the higher resolution.

10 iPhone 8 rumors that are sure bets
We're also seeing evidence that the OLED iPhone will feature a True Tone Display for white balancing like the iPad Pro lineup. According to the official announcement made by Apple , the iPhone 8 launch will take place on the 12 of September this year.

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We can't be certain as to what Apple has in store for us at its September 12 event when it launches the new iPhone . While many Android manufacturers have used OLED displays for years, Apple faces some interesting scaling issues.

Apple is counting on iTunes to help sales of Apple TV 4K (and vice versa).

Apple's also upgrading tvOS, the software that powers Apple TV with a dedicated Sports tab that will change games depending on the season.

The 5th-gen lower-tier Apple TV model should be priced at $99, but it won't be.

Apple overhauled the box in 2015, giving it a version of the iPhone's operating system, a third-party app ecosystem via the App Store, a touch-based remote and Siri voice control. Apple will start taking orders September 15 and have the device available on September 22.

For the geeks, here's news on the new hardware - it uses the Apple A10X Fusion chipset from the outgoing iPad Pros.

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