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Tesla triggers upgrade for cars in Irma's path

Tesla triggers upgrade for cars in Irma's path

Tesla triggers upgrade for cars in Irma's path

That owner, according to Tesla, did not have the current base Model S or X with a 75 kWh battery pack. For $6,500, owners could upgrade to the full 75 kWh capacity.

According to commentators, Tesla made a decision to take action after the Florida-based owner of one of its cars contacted the company and asked for a temporary upgrade to make it out of the evacuation zone.

The update lets owners of 60 and 70 kilowatt-hour Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles in the path of Irma temporarily use the full capacity of their 75kWh battery packs, which would typically cost thousands of dollars. Drivers could unlock extra battery capacity with an update for an extra US$3,000.

Per charge, the Tesla 60 and 60D have a 200 mile range.

The firm declined to comment on the giveaway, but said the interim fix (15 kWh, or about 30 to 40 additional miles) has been applied to specific vehicles registered to folks in Florida's evacuation area, and will remain accessible until September 16.

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Tesla is able to update cars remotely with new software - just like your smartphone - rather than require you to take your motor into a garage.

That Tesla can update its vehicle software on-the-fly is not news, but this is the first time the company had done so to help people in an emergency.

Tesla usually charges drivers $9,000 for that privilege, but waived the fee to give drivers temporary use of the feature.

People were ordered to evacuate their homes before the hurricane hit Florida Keys on Sunday but many reported troubles with leaving the area due to traffic jams, empty petrol stations and expensive flights.

Millions of people are now affected by the evacuation of Florida as Hurricane Irma starts reaching the state and creates some hard traffic situation when escaping north.

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