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Pope Francis' black eye: 'I was punched' he jokes

Pope Francis' black eye: 'I was punched' he jokes

Pope Francis' black eye: 'I was punched' he jokes

Calling upon humankind to take a stand against the fossil fuel industry to curb global warming, McKibben likened the ongoing battle against oil and gas companies to "going on a war-like footing: not shooting at enemies, but focusing in the way that peoples and nations usually only focus when someone's shooting at them".

Politicians who call themselves pro-life must be pro-family and not enact policies that divide families and rob young people of a future, Pope Francis said.

Then, in a highly significant remark, Pope Francis referred to President Donald J. Trump, saying, "I have heard it said that the president of the United States presents himself as a man who is pro-life, and if he is a good pro-life [man] then he will understand that the family is the cradle of life, and that it must be defended as a unit".

President Trump's move this month to end the five-year-old program instituted by President Obama plunged nearly 800,000 young people, known as "Dreamers", into uncertainty. Now they'll be sent to countries they've never known. Roughly 66 percent of the current undocumented population in the United States has lived here for more than a decade, allowing them to build lives and contribute $11 billion in state and local tax contributions. God never tires of forgiving sin, he said, but corruption is a kind of sin with a difference: the corrupt person tires of seeking forgiveness, and even forgets how to ask for forgiveness.

Pope Francis in Colombia
Pope to see Medellin that has put drug wars in its past

When asked why some governments refused to see the importance of the issue, Francis quoted the book of Psalms in the Old Testament. In the said prayer event, the pontiff was visibly moved by the testimonies of several Colombians who claim that they have already forgiven their tormentors. Pope Francis responded that such people must go to the scientists, who speak clearly and precisely. Noting that the policy was crafted by the executive branch, rather than through the legislature, the Pope said there may be hope that it could be considered anew.

Francis is likely to hold Claver up as a model for today's Catholic Church, someone who insisted on recognizing the inherent human rights of everyone.

Francis returns to Rome from Cartagena on Sunday night, ending a five-day visit highlighted by a huge prayer of reconciliation that brought together victims of Colombia's long-running conflict and demobilised guerrillas and paramilitary fighters. A POLITICO/ Morning Consult poll published the day of DACA's rescission, which surveyed 1,993 registered voters, found that 58 percent of American voters would like to see a pathway for DACA recipients to stay and become citizens after meeting certain requirements. After the election, the two heads of state settled for a sort of détente: Francis welcomed the president and his family to the Vatican earlier this year for an awkward photo op and a brief meeting on the third floor of the Apostolic Palace, during which the pope slipped Trump two somewhat backhanded gifts: a signed copy of his 2017 peace message ("Nonviolence-A Style of Politics for Peace") and a copy of his 2015 encyclical letter on climate change.

Mexico quake death toll rises as recovery efforts pick up
Ambassador to Mexico Yoni Peled and his team will deliver the aid to state governors in the coming days, a statement said. Miami Herald reports that AT&T, Verizon and Sprint will also waive fees to regions affected by Hurricane Irma.

Next flagship to be unveiled at Apple's September event
We can't be certain as to what Apple has in store for us at its September 12 event when it launches the new iPhone . While many Android manufacturers have used OLED displays for years, Apple faces some interesting scaling issues.

Badgers in at No. 9 in Week 2 AP Poll
Elsewhere, the No. 23 Texas Longhorns suffered a shocking loss to the Maryland Terrapins in the first game of the Tom Herman era. USC dropped two spots to No. 6 despite posting a 49-31 victory over Western Michigan , while Washington moved up one to No. 7.

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