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In Reversal, Equifax Says It Won't Charge Hack Victims For 'Free' Service

In Reversal, Equifax Says It Won't Charge Hack Victims For 'Free' Service

In Reversal, Equifax Says It Won't Charge Hack Victims For 'Free' Service

Nearly $1.8 million in stock was sold by Joseph Loughran, chief of US information solutions business, Rodolfo Ploder, head of the workforce solutions operations and John Gamble, Chief Financial Officer.

"This is one of several important steps Congress can take in the wake of the Equifax cybersecurity breach", Senator Schatz said in a press release about the bill.

In the wake of the massive theft of personal identification information from Equifax (EFX), what can you do to protect yourself from cyber crooks? But there's still plenty of problems.

Lorelei Salas, the commissioner of the city's Department of Consumer Affairs, lambasted Equifax's response to the breach in a September 8 letter to the company. Others have noted the site is buggy and doesn't work very well, further frustrating people who are understandably really concerned about their data.

"That's not going to stop somebody still from taking data from a company, but sat least if it's taken and then somebody tries to do something with it, you are alerted", Paullet said.

"In an attempt to increase profits, Equifax negligently failed to maintain adequate technological safeguards to protect Ms. McHill and Mr. Reinhard's information from unauthorized access by hackers", the complaint stated. You will have to get in contact with three different credit agencies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion (NYSE:TRU).

But credit freezes aren't free: They typically cost between $5 to $10 each. The U.S. government can still see someone's credit during a freeze, but creditors can't, reports Bankrate.com.

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-Consider freezing your credit reports. This option is the best bet for protection, but it is also the most complicated.

To run afoul of laws that prohibit insider trading, a seller has to be aware of nonpublic information, said Stephen Crimmins, a former enforcement lawyer for the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Never Respond to Unsolicited Requests for Information. When you plan to apply for a credit card, mortgage, or other loan you'll need to go back to each site and lift the freeze.

The language has now been taken out of the agreement and consumers are free to pursue legal action against the credit reporting company.

While their services are essential to the US economy, the credit-reporting bureaus don't have the same regulatory oversight as the financial industry. Two law firms - Olsen Daines PC and Geragos & Geragos - filed a a suit in federal court in OR, and a lawyer from Morgan & Morgan filed a suit in federal court in Georgia, CyberScoop reports. The executives probably will avoid punishment because the company quickly put out a statement saying they were unaware of the breach.

Adding to the frustration was the news that three Equifax senior executives, including its chief financial officer, sold $1.8 million worth of company stock just days after the company discovered the breach but weeks before it was made public.

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