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Mexico quake death toll rises as recovery efforts pick up

Mexico quake death toll rises as recovery efforts pick up

Mexico quake death toll rises as recovery efforts pick up

At least 90 people were killed in the 8.1-magnitude quake, which struck at midnight Thursday off the Pacific Coast of southern Mexico.

Ambassador to Mexico Yoni Peled and his team will deliver the aid to state governors in the coming days, a statement said. Video from the scene shows that about half the city hall collapsed in a pile of rubble and local officials said that at least 17 of the 35 dead were in Juchitan.

The quake struck as Mexicans were also bracing for Hurricane Katia, which strengthened to a Category Two storm as it rumbled toward the coastal state of Veracruz. Mexico City and other major urban areas emerged mostly unscathed, although more than 1 million people lost power, at least temporarily.

Relief efforts in the south continued through Saturday, with numerous people worst affected still wary of returning indoors to weakened buildings, fearing they could be brought down by ongoing aftershocks.Tens of thousands of emergency packs, as well as 100 extra police officers and rescue dogs were sent to Juchitán, Oaxaca, which was the most affected town.

The light damage so far is good news to national disaster officials who are already coping with the aftermath of a magnitude 8.1 quake that killed more than 60 people in southern Mexico.

President Enrique Pena Nieto said no one was reported dead at the hotel.

Miami Herald reports that AT&T, Verizon and Sprint will also waive fees to regions affected by Hurricane Irma.

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The epicentre was in a seismic hotspot in the Pacific where one tectonic plate dives under another.

The quake triggered a 1-meter-high tsunami, according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, but there were no reports of tsunami damage.

In neighbouring Guatemala, President Jimmy Morales appeared on national television to call for calm while emergency crews surveyed damage.

The quake had a depth of 20 miles, according to CNN.

That's where 37 of the 65 people killed by the quake lived.

The epicenter of the quake, which hit late Thursday, was in the Pacific Ocean, about 100 kilometers off the town of Tonala in Chiapas.

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