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Several Trump properties in Irma's path

Several Trump properties in Irma's path

Several Trump properties in Irma's path

U.S. President Donald Trump has assured that America would confront the Hurricane disasters and other challenges now facing the country. All could be underwater by the end of the century. Summer is the slow tourist season in South Florida. The Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact says the increase could be up to 81in by 2100.

Trump, who gave the assurance in a tweet and his weekly address to the country on Saturday, pointed out that Hurricane Irma was of epic proportion.

Mar-a-Lago is an exclusive social club, with a property that stretches east to west across the island. Having described the private resort as the "best club in the world", he hosted the Japanese prime minister there in February. Critics have said the program allows beach-front property owners to stay on the water without financial risk, and the program is projected to have a one-year shortfall of $1.4 billion, according to a September CBO report.

As Hurricane Irma nears, Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort ordered to evacuate
Mar-a-Lago is a members-only social club, with ballrooms, a few guest suites and living quarters for Trump himself. All three of Trump's golf clubs have been closed , according to NBC's Hallie Jackson.

Next flagship to be unveiled at Apple's September event
We can't be certain as to what Apple has in store for us at its September 12 event when it launches the new iPhone . While many Android manufacturers have used OLED displays for years, Apple faces some interesting scaling issues.

Michael D. Cohen Denies Allegation about Russian Ties
Russia is promising to answer a Trump administration order to close three Russian diplomatic offices in the United States. She said along with it, the USA did not demand that the Russian staff employed at these legations be sent off home.

"It really beat up Mar-a-Lago very badly", Trump claimed, though he only applied for building permits to do $3,000 worth of hurricane repairs.

"A group of Democratic lawmakers introduced a bill in June that specifically aimed to block Trump properties from receiving any federal subsidy for flood insurance coverage", HuffPost noted.

In the event that the city of Doral falls under Miami-Dade County's evacuation orders, guests at Trump National Doral will be required to find lodging elsewhere or take shelter in an evacuation center, the spokesperson said. The floods have become more frequent over the past decade as the rise in sea... Even if the course remains intact, flooding would mean fewer days where the National Doral is actually playable.

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