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New IT Featurette Joins The Losers' Club

New IT Featurette Joins The Losers' Club

New IT Featurette Joins The Losers' Club

The Losers Club are guaranteed box office victors by Monday, but we'll have to wait and see just how sizable a triumph that is once the numbers are in.

Set in the late 1980s in the small town of Derry, Maine, children have been disappearing without a trace. The weekend take puts the film as the best opening since July's Spider-man: Homecoming. He's absolutely terrifying. For the slight drool when Pennywise talks, to his ghoulish squeals of laughter, this Pennywise will scare another generation of kids who watch this movie when they aren't supposed to.

New Line Cinema's It movie is releasing across 4,000 locations on September 8, and is expected to gross a total of $65 million on its opening weekend. "That built an excitement in the kids you could feel when they saw him for the first time".

If there was any doubt about what kind of film IT would be and how much they would show, that doubt flies out the window after Georgie's interaction with Pennywise at the sewer drain. He had big shoes to fill in stepping in for the great Tim Curry, but he more than proved himself worthy.

"Pennywise was this looming force they knew was coming but hadn't seen yet", Skarsgard said.

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"Look, we love clowns", he says.

"You can see an image and feel things with it, and I'm proud to say these are flawless, therefore they're a ideal glimpse into how I see the world", Tilgman wrote on Facebook. It will make you squirm even if you aren't afraid of clowns. Having said that, I still can't wait to see this. "So that ultimately when we do hopefully get to tell the second part of the story, it'll be present day". Lillis delivers an fantastic performance, and I foresee her name becoming well known as her career continues.

Even though Skarsgard's performance was breathtaking, it was the performances of the kid actors that pushed forward an fantastic coming of age movie that the audience was not expecting to see.

So should you stay in your seat after "It", or are you free to leave the theater? It's about a group of unpopular friends that must band together to face their worst nightmares by believing in themselves and in the power of camaraderie.

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