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Israeli jets strike Syrian military facility in Hama

Israeli jets strike Syrian military facility in Hama

Israeli jets strike Syrian military facility in Hama

Israeli aircraft bombed a Syrian military facility, causing significant damages and killing at least two near Masyaf in northwestern Syria, the Syrian army confirmed on Thursday.

The Syrian army proceeded to warn Israel of "serious consequences" for its "aggressive activities", which it argued destabilize the region and "raise the Islamic State's morale".

There was no immediate comment from the Israeli military, however, Israel has launched various strikes during the Syrian war, primarily against arms convoys and weapons storage sites associated with a key ally of Assad, Hezbollah.

However, officials have admitted to carrying out airstrikes over Syria in the past, namely targeting weapons shipments bound for Lebanon's Shiite military group, Hezbollah.

Tensions between Israel and Syria increased after reports that Israel hit a research center responsible for developing chemical weapons near the city of Hama. According to the IDF, Hezbollah was following closely the preparations for the maneuvers, in which the IDF Northern Corps is training with multiple divisions operating in simulated combat situations.

The attack came the morning after United Nations investigators concluded that the Syrian Government was directly responsible for a sarin poison gas attack in April, killing more than 80 civilians, as well dozens of other chemical attacks.

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One was a scientific research centre and the other a neighbouring military base.

"The factory in the attack also produces chemical weapons and barrels of explosives that killed thousands of Syrian citizens".

"Israel said clearly that if we will see a strategic threat against Israel we will act", Col. Kobi Marom, a research associate with the International Institute of Counter-terrorism (ICT) in Herzliya told The Media Line.

"Iran is busy turning Syria into a base of military entrenchment", Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said last month. Israel claims that Iran is building missiles in Syria and Lebanon for the Islamist militant group.

Syrian opposition figures said four Israeli warplanes were involved in the strike.

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