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Pelosi, Schumer offer votes for debt increase - under strict conditions

President Donald Trump is meeting with congressional leaders at the White House, and he's noting they have a full plate of issues, and he's hoping "we can solve them in a rational way". A Democratic aide who was briefed on the meeting told The Washington Examiner that budget discussions between GOP and Democratic leadership came to a screeching halt when the first daughter dropped by like she's the wacky neighbor on a sitcom.

"Given the interplay between all the issues Congress must tackle in September, Democrats and Republicans must discuss all the issues together and come up with a bipartisan consensus", the two Democrats said.

Republicans have always been anxious that Trump, who at times was a registered Democrat, would look to cut deals with the opposition party to secure victories - which he has had trouble achieving even with a Republican-led Congress.

Democratic congressional leaders announced Wednesday that they had reached a deal with President Trump in an Oval Office meeting to pass hurricane relief funding this week, along with measures to push off pressing fiscal deadlines to December - over the apparent objections of Republican leaders.

The US will introduce the single bill on debt ceiling, funding the government until December 15 and aid for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said the three-month offer was "disgraceful", charging that Democrats were "playing politics" with the debt ceiling when it needed to be raised to allow borrowing for Hurricane Harvey relief.

Senate Republican leaders had planned to use the measure to suspend the debt ceiling past the November 2018 congressional elections, but Trump's move upended their strategy.

GOP leaders also hope to use the aid bill to increase the USA debt limit to permit the government to borrow freely again to cover its bills.

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The president appeared to side with the Democratic leaders during the meeting, backing a three-month hike of the debt ceiling rather than the 18-month hike GOP leaders wanted.

Mnuchin went on to explain that: "If Congress appropriates the money, but I don't have the ability to borrow more money and pay for it, we're not going to be able to get that money to the state", he explained.

One immediate matter is Harvey aid, and the House is expected to vote on an initial $7.9 billion package.

"Today was a good day in a generally very partisan town", Schumer told reporters at the Capitol. Failure to increase the debt limit could cause the government to miss payments to bondholders and result in a default on government debt.

Republican Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska, who has been critical of Trump at times, expressed his disappointed with the deal in a succinct statement following the announcement.

The meeting was created to discuss legislation to provide relief for Hurricane Harvey, raise or suspend the debt ceiling, and fund the government past the end of September. But while the Democratic offer could make up for lost conservative votes, it would mean revisiting the debt-ceiling debate in just three months, an option some lawmakers want to avoid.

The House on Wednesday easily approved almost $8 billion in Hurricane Harvey relief funding. Ryan said. "That will strand the aid that we need to bring to the victims of these storms".

Trump also expressed optimism that Congress could forge a deal on undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S.as children.

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