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UK Retailer CEX Suffers Security Breach, 2 Million Customers Potentially Affected

UK Retailer CEX Suffers Security Breach, 2 Million Customers Potentially Affected

UK Retailer CEX Suffers Security Breach, 2 Million Customers Potentially Affected

It went on: "Clearly, however, additional measures were required to prevent such a sophisticated breach occurring and we have therefore employed a cyber security specialist to review our processes".

In the letter to customers Managing Director David Mullins said: "This was a sophisticated breach of security and we are working closely with the relevant authorities to help establish who was responsible".

Data of up to two million customers has been stolen from games store Cex. Leaked details include full names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and encrypted but expired credit/debit card information.

Encrypted card details were also likely to have been taken - although Cex stopped storing cards eight years ago. I think so. Personal information like that which has been exposed by this security breach could be exploited by criminals. CeX warns that it's "precautionary measure" so customers can protect themselves further attacks in the event of attackers cracking passwords - especially those which aren't complex. They're emailing all affected customers with guidance on how to proceed but recommend in the interim that anyone holding an online account with them changes their password; as an additional security measure, if you use the same password across multiple accounts we'd recommend changing your password across all affected accounts as well.

Approximately 2 million people were affected by this data breach.

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It's that time again when we reset the imaginary internet sign to read "0 days without a United Kingdom data breach".

The second-hand electronics shop, which has high street stores and the webuy.com website, is asking online customers to change their password, as well as any other online accounts where they use the same log in.

CeX has over 350 stores in the United Kingdom and over a hundred more overseas.

CeX has been at the forefront of security, being one of the first major retailers to accept Bitcoin, but has also been accused in the past of selling devices with users' data still intact.

The company, which operates a secondhand marketplace for games and tech products, said it's still investigating the extent of the breach.

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