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READ: Joel Osteen Called a 'Scam Artist' on Twitter

READ: Joel Osteen Called a 'Scam Artist' on Twitter

READ: Joel Osteen Called a 'Scam Artist' on Twitter

Osteen's megachurch, Lakewood Church, is located near downtown Houston, and would make an ideal refugee center from those trying to escape the flooding.

Update 1 p.m. August 29: Officials with Houston's Lakewood Church said Tuesday on Twitter that the church was open to people seeking shelter in the wake of widespread criticism for its failure to open immediately after Harvey started to batter the city.

However, Osteen insisted in a statement to ABC News that he was not closing the doors to those in need, but was waiting until "shelters reach capacity" to welcome evacuees.

Lakewood announced it would open and serve as a donation center - while claiming it was never closed in the first place.

Lakewood Church spokesman Don Iloff said the building itself had been flooded, with water getting close to spilling over the facility's floodgate.

Last year, Church Growth Today identified Osteen's Lakewood Church as being the largest church in the United States. It also made contact with the city administration and said that it will welcome flood victims after other shelters get full. But the church has stayed locked up - not because of damage to it, either, according to TMZ and the New York Post.

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The Houston Lakewood Church has a capacity of nearly 17,000 but it has not been open to evacuees since the storm hit.

Other tweets said Lakewood staffers are coordinating with Houston city officials as a collection site for distribution of food, clothing and other items.

One of America's richest pastors has come under criticism on social media for not welcoming those seeking shelter from Hurricane Harvey into his Lakewood megachurch in Houston, Texas. "Please join us in helping Houston recover", Osteen tweeted, with a link to his website. He added, "I think you're seeing ministries, you're seeing a number of churches throughout the Houston area who have opened up shelters are caring for people".

Twitter user Charles Clymer posted a photo Monday evening that showed air mattresses being prepared for people inside the church.

"Lakewood's doors are open and we are receiving anyone who needs shelter", Osteen tweeted Tuesday, referencing his wife who is also Lakewood's co-pastor.

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