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Police 'speechless' after killer nurse suspected of murdering at least 84 patients

Police 'speechless' after killer nurse suspected of murdering at least 84 patients

Police 'speechless' after killer nurse suspected of murdering at least 84 patients

Niels Hoegel, 40, was jailed in February 2015 in the case of two murders and four counts of attempted murder or causing bodily harm to intensive-care patients at the Delmenhorst hospital near the northern city of Bremen.

However, the police have said that 90 more such murders have come to the fore after forensics experts exhumed and analysed more than 130 bodies.

There was "evidence for at least 90 murders، and at least as many (suspected) cases again that can no longer be proven،" he told a press conference، declaring himself "speechless" at the outcome.

Police call this as the Germany's worst killing spree after the world-war.

At least 84 of the convicted killer's former patients were found to have died after suffering from injections of five different forms of medication, Johan Kuehme, chief of police in Oldenburg, told reporters.

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Now serving a life sentence, Hoegel admitted to injecting 30 patients at a clinic in Delmenhorst, northern Germany, with deadly doses of heart medication.

After this incident, the authorities exhumed several bodies and found the presence of traces of the drug.

Police also feel that the deaths could have been prevented.

When the news hit the headlines, another woman approached the police with suspicions that her deceased mother was also murdered by Hoegel.

The murderer confessed that he would bring patients to the brink of death before attempting to revive them in order to look like a savior in front of his colleagues. 40-year-old suspect Niels Högel is already serving a lifetime prison sentence for two further counts of murder and now, the local law enforcement is investigating his involvement in the deaths of dozens of additional patients.

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